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We love developers - especially the ones who chose to build with us. Here, not only can you find documentation on our SDKs and APIs, but you can also learn about our roadmap and what we plan to do in the coming years. We want you to be the first to know what's going on.

Core SDK

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Powering many of our applications is what we call our Core SDK. This collection of utility methods and alrogithms is written and optimized for several languages. From basic symbolic math to file system change notifications, to networking, the Core SDK covers many of the tasks you'd normally need many other libraries for.

Cake Cloud SDK

Coming Soon

The Cake Cloud SDK is your one-stop-sdk for communicating with users, their devices, and your app. Cake Cloud provides intellegent real-time push notifications from server to device, ubiquitous storage per user (for both files and structured data), and on demand geolocation. You can also hook into Mist, the backbone that Cake Cloud uses to share files in an almost serverless way. You can use Mist and Cake Cloud to transport messages between devices with no server side setup. You can also set up groups of devices (that can span across users) to create a serverless ad-hoc peer-to-peer messaging group. And, of course, everything is end-to-end encrypted.

Utility APIs

Coming Soon

Cousin to the Core SDK, the Utility APIs are simple and easy to use HTTP APIs that facilitate simple things like creating pairing codes or generating barcodes or simple captchas (really though, you should use Google's reCaptcha). All of these tasks are free to run within a requests/hour/IP rate limit. Hopefully, you won't need a server side component to do what you want to do now that these exist.

Osmium Cloud

Coming Soon

We've got some pretty nifty stuff coming down the pipeline in terms of cloud computing and storage. We're working on products that can help you with image storage, video streaming, language processing, and much, much more. Stay tuned for that!